Alone in the Universe

About the show

Witness as Adam is jettisoned to the centre of the universe on a mission to unlock the meaning of existence, and in order to prevent the cosmos from being destroyed, he is forced to give an oral presentation on why the human race should live on! There's only one problem... Adam is an idiot!


Vancouver Fringe
Carousel Theatre, 1411 Cartwright St, Vancouver - $14

(TONIGHT) Sept. 20th @ 6:45 PM | Buy tickets

About Adam

Adam Pateman is a seasoned stand-up and sketch comedian, forged on the stages of Vancouver, New York, and Los Angeles' alt comedy scenes. Join him from August 28 to September 6th at the Victoria Fringe Festival and from September 10th-20th at the Vancouver Fringe Festival and explore the universe from it’s explosive beginning to the chance creation of all mankind as he tells the story of himself, the human race, and it’s inevitably hilarious end, through characters, music, mime, stand-up, and lighting cues!